• Eu strategy for Adriatic-Ionian region (EUSAIR) case study of multi-level governance and cross-sectoral coordination in Serbia

    For the preparation of this document, the experts combined both qualitative and quantitative methods (mixed-method research).

    First of all, desk research was used for the identification of key players (institutions and organizations) involved or interested in being involved in the implementation of EUSAIR, and for the identification of the most relevant national and sub-national documents. Following this, interviews with the representatives of relevant stakeholders were held (with 19 representatives of relevant institutions). Further, in order to receive as detailed and comprehensive responses as possible, a questionnaire was created and distributed to the regional development agencies and local agencies for SME development (five regional development agencies), actors which participated in the ADRION programme and whose project proposals have been conditionally pre-selected. This way, it was possible to receive uniform answers which are comparable and measurable.

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