• Equalization of excise burden on strong alcoholic beverages a prerequisite for joining the EU

    Five years after the explanatory and bilateral screening, Negotiating Chapter 16, which refers to taxation, has not been open for negotiations. According to the 2016 and 2017 EC reports, the key problem standing in the way of opening the chapter is the unequal excise burden on domestic and imported coffee and strong alcoholic beverages.

    Authors: Jelena Rančić

    Consumer Protection in Serbia

    Consumer law in Serbia is the result of the legal reception of European consumer law, which has been implemented in the past ten years as part of Serbia’s legal harmonisation and EU accession processes.

    Authors: Dušan Protić

    Financial Management and Control

    This brief analyses the key achievements, indicates main obstacles in its establishment and implementation and sums up the measures needed to be implemented in order to “move” FMC from strategy on paper towards concrete benefits for the citizens.

    Authors: CEVES

    From Production to the Market – LED bulbs

    What does the map of product movements from the factory to the market of Serbia and the market of the European Union look like? What are the steps that manufacturers must take to get their product on the shelves?

    Authors: CEP

    Financial management and control

    Even though it has been “on paper” for a whole decade, the actual level of implementation (and impact) of Financial Management and Control (FMC) in Serbia remains low.

    Authors: CEVES

    Economic measures against COVID-19

    Since the beginning of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, almost all countries have adopted a set of measures aimed at protecting the health of citizens, preserving jobs and supporting the economy. Postponement of deadlines for payment of contribution taxes, facilitated access to credit, direct assistance to small and medium enterprises are just some of the types of support that countries have provided to the industries.

    Authors: CEP

    Problems and obstacles in access to justice in enforcement procedure from the perspective of consumer protection

    The purpose of this research is to improve the existing state of consumer protection in enforcement procedures and to provide possible models that provide a more active role for consumer organisations in this matter.

    Authors: Dušan Protić

    Eu strategy for Adriatic-Ionian region (EUSAIR) case study of multi-level governance and cross-sectoral coordination in Serbia

    For the preparation of this document, the experts combined both qualitative and quantitative methods (mixed-method research).

    Authors: Ranka Miljenović

    Income inequality, economic development, and the EU accession process: towards a better future for all

    Inequality is often considered a social issue even when it is clearly more than that; it, in fact, has severe economic consequences for greater society.

    Authors: Miloš Janjić

    Competition Policy in Serbia

    The aim of the study is to explore the current state of competition policy in Serbia, identify and consider the key obstacles and shortcomings that hinder the full and adequate implementation of the rules of competition protection, and to make recommendations for improvement of competition policy.

    Authors: Nebojša Lazarević | Dušan Protić
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