• Civil Society and Government

    Up to this point, the issue of a systemic approach to civil society participation in the process of policy making in Serbia has not been resolved.

    Authors: Amanda Orza

    Getting results in Public Policy

    How to get the results in public policy? Is civil society in Serbia able to contribute by engaging in monitoring and evaluation processes?

    Authors: Sena Marić | Milena Lazarević

    Analysis – Towards a More Financially Responsible Government in Serbia

    Analysis “Towards a More Financially Accountable Government in Serbia: Implementation of Recommendations and Measures of the Serbian State Audit Institution” determines the state of play in the external audit system in Serbia in a methodologically comprehensive manner.

    Authors: CEP

    Civil Society and Citizens in the External Audit Process

    Supreme Audit Institutions are characterised by functional independence from the executive in exercising external control of budget expenditures and securing financial government accountability.

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Nebojša Lazarević | Amanda Orza | Miloš Đinđić

    CEP Presents Platform “What is the Problem?” to the New Government

    CEP has proposed to the new Government of Serbia a platform entitled “What is the Problem?” – an analytical summary document which concisely elaborates the structure of the main problem of policy making in Serbia, followed by certain more specific, sectoral problems which are to a great extent the consequence of a lacking systemic and systematic approach to policy making.

    Authors: CEP
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