• CEP Infographics represent a product of our wish to present relevant data and findings in a concise, simple, informative and visually attractive way. Our goal is to reach a broad spectrum of public and provide them a way to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.

    Serbia’s harmonisation with EU declaration on China

    It is often said that Sino-Serbian cooperation is only about the economy, yet, this infographic shows that Serbia has utilised its foreign policy as a tool to generate trust with China. Consequently, this is one of the key aspects that is hurting Serbia’s obligations towards the EU.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    China’s Donations to Serbia’s Ministry of Defence

    China’s Belt and Road Initiative goes beyond economics. The infographic presents the security component of Sino-Serbian cooperation. Where does China rank in terms of donations to Serbia’s Ministry of Defence? How did the political betterment of relations lead towards an upward trend in security cooperation?

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    Serbia’s progress and preparation for EU membership

    Analysis of the 2020 European Commission Report for Serbia, which covers the period between April 2019 and September 2020.

    Authors: Sena Marić | Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    Timeline of foreign assistance for fighting COVID-19

    Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, 16 countries have sent assistance to Serbia. To see a full list of donors and a timeline of their assistance, check out this infographic.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    The EU financial support package to the Western Balkans

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU has prepared a large financial package for the Western Balkans. This infographic untangles what it consists of and how is it distributed among the regional partners.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    Foreign Economic Involvement in Serbia

    This inforgaphic has been made within the scope of the project “Serbia on the crossroads between West and East.”

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Miloš Janjić | Anesa Omeragić

    Brexit Vol.3 – Johnson’s story

    Despite turbulent past months, marked by the prorogation crisis and yet another Brexit extension, Boris Johnson has managed to win a strong majority in the UK’s 2019 general elections.
    As Brexit is now imminent, take a look at our new infographic to find out how it has unfolded during Johnson’s premiership.

    Authors: CEP

    New faces of the European Union

    After long negotiations and the European Parliamentary elections, the leading positions of the most important European institutions are being filled. Who are the people who will shape the future of Europe in the coming period? Find out in our new infographic.

    Authors: CEP

    Serbia’s progress and preparation for EU membership

    Analysis of the 2020 European Commission Report for Serbia, which covers the period between March 2018 and March 2019.

    Authors: CEP

    2019 European Parliament Elections

    The highly-anticipated elections for the European Parliament are about to take place. Take a look at CEP’s infographic and find out more about the main political groups as well as what is to be expected from these elections.

    Authors: CEP
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