• Institutional Grant of the CSOnnect Programme for Support to the Civil Society in the Area of Environmental Protection II

    The consortium led by the European Policy Centre (CEP) will continue to use the institutional grant within the CSOnnect programme for support to the civil society pertaining to environmental protection (read about our results of using the first CSOnnect Institutional Grant here). Together with partner organizations (Ecological Centre Habitat, Ecological Movement of Odzaci, Local Ecological Movement from Smederevo and Business and Economy Center). CEP will use the CSOnnect Institutional Grant from March 1 to December 31 2018 in order to contribute to the improvement of the civil society participation in the decision making processes which pertain to the accession negotiations with regard to Negotiating Chapter 27 (Environmental Proteciton).

    In order to give the mentioned contribution, CEP and partner organisations will inter alia implement advocacy activities with the aim of adopting the best solutions in the field of environmental protection at the local level and environmental impact assessment based on research and analysis of CEP and partner organizations. In addition, CEP and partner organizations will conduct training of civil society organizations, consultative meetings with stakeholders, education of pupils in schools, as well as other activities of importance for strengthening the capacities of civil society for successful action in the field of environmental protection and accession process. Conscious of the importance of networking and collaborative work in order to achieve greater results, CEP will work on networking with other organisations that also work in the field of environmental protection, in Serbia, but also in European countries.

    Institutional grant is financed with the funds provided via the CSOnnect Institutional Grant which is implemented by the Regional Environmental Center (REC). The programme is financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).


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