• Regional Policy, Energy and Environment

    This programme area is built around two blocks. On the one side, it focuses on the nascent internal Serbian regional policy, with an emphasis on social development, regional competitiveness, as well as environment, energy and transport as the building blocks of the EU Cohesion Policy. In this perspective, environment, energy, transport are analysed, mainly from the perspective of their potential impact on improving the economic and social cohesion inside Serbia and contributing to Serbia’s successful EU accession.

    The other block of research is intended to study the same policy areas but from the perspective of their contribution to cohesion between Serbia and the EU, i.e. to closing the existing development gap. In this second perspective, strong emphasis is placed on TENs1 and the role of regional cooperation in their development (SEE Energy Community, CEFTA, European Common Aviation Area, and SEE Transport Community).


    1 TENs – Trans-European Networks are large infrastructure networks of transport, energy and telecommunications underpinning the developmental and integration goals of the EU.

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