• Many societies, one virtual space

    The European Union and national governments should provide citizens with a safe and democratic digital space in collaboration with civil society actors. The rationale behind the digital spaces should not only be profit-making, but also a public service that strengthens democracy by enabling safe communication and participation as well as protection of people’s privacy. In building digital infrastructure, safety, resilience and societal impact on communities should be prioritised. European youth plays an important role in promoting such values.

    We are proud to present you the last episode of the new mini-series of five podcast episodes within our MladiRini Talks, achieved in cooperation with the EU Balkans Forum. We wanted to give you an opportunity to hear what their experiences were, what they learned, and what are the common problems that young people from the EU and the Western Balkans share.

    In the last episode, our guests were the Italian Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Carlo Lo Cascio, and Đorđe Manov, a student of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He was included in Working group 5: Many societies, one virtual space.

    How do the youth see the issue of creating one virtual space as integral to the process of EU enlargement and European integration? Being the most media literate generation, should the youth be completely in charge of this process?

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    More information: www.mladirini.org / www.eubalkanforum.org

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