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    If you get tired of reading, then have a listen to our podcast. European Talks podcast is a short form conversation that aims to untangle difficult questions on various topics related to Serbia’s relations with the EU and its member states, by talking to experts, diplomats, and other relevant actors. Whether you are a researcher, a politician, or just genuinely curious about the topic, European Talks podcast will provide you with valuable ideas, answers as well as new questions.

    Balancing between East and West: can Serbia benefit from a flexible foreign policy?

    There are growing doubts about the region’s European perspective following a series of postponements in the opening of accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia and the announcement of reforms of the enlargement methodology. Although Montenegro and Serbia are forerunners in the process, membership is still a long way off, especially after EU member states largely dismissed the 2025 membership perspective. This has resulted in a weakening of the EU’s gravitational force in the region, allowing space for other global and regional powers. The increase in economic cooperation between Serbia and China, as well as Serbia’s signing of a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union, has made this especially clear. We discussed these issues with our guest, ambassador Duško Lopandić, CEP Council member. This episode coincides with the publishing of annual ranking of top think tanks worldwide by The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program by the University of Pennsylvania, where CEP regularly finds their place. CEP is ranked as the best think tank in the WB and among the top ten in Central and Eastern Europe.  

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    Strict, fair & committed – the Dutch Approach to the Enlargement

    In this episode, we speak about the Dutch approach to the accession of the Western Balkans in the European Union, the European Commission’s proposal for a revised accession methodology, proposal for participation of the Western Balkans at the Conference on the Future of Europe and what it’s like to make and maintain friendships when you’re a diplomat. Our guest is H.E. Gilles Beschoor Plug, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Serbia and to Montenegro.

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    Behind the French “non”: Discussing the French proposals for reformed EU enlargement process

    EU enlargement policy has returned to the spotlight in Brussels. France is mostly to blame, or to thank for this, firstly for yet another postponement of the start of North Macedonia and Albania's accession negotiations, and secondly for its latest initiative to reform the EU’s enlargement policy towards the Western Balkans. Our guest is His Excellency Jean-Louis Falconi, the Ambassador of France to Serbia.

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    Council of Europe – the driver of rule of law promotion?

    H.E. Tobias Flessenkemper, Head of the Belgrade Office of Council of Europe, is joined by Sena Marić, Programme Manager and Senior Researcher in CEP.  

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    Finish Futuristic Presidency of the EU Council: AI, 5G, and the Environment

    His Excellency Mr. Kimmo Lähdevirta is joined by Dušan Pjevović, Researcher in CEP.

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    Romania’s Presidency: Return to Basic EU Values Through Cohesion

    H.E. Dr. Oana-Christina Popa, Romanian Ambassador to Serbia, is joined by Dušan Pjevović, Researcher at CEP.

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