• Meeting of the NCEU Working Group 1

    Main topics of the meeting were upcoming events that working group is expecting within the National Convention. In order to organise productive meeting and prepare for further activities, CEP has delivered draft position paper to all members of the working group at the beginning of March. Position paper is related to the negotiation chapter 1 in the context of Serbia-EU accession negotiations. The purpose of the position paper is to briefly explain content of the Negotiation Chapter 1 and answer the question: What is there to be negotiated? Members of the working group will continue to work on finalization of the position paper in the following period in order to prepare set of recommendations for Book of recommendations of the National Convention that is going to be presented to the wider audience at the beginning of April.

    Meeting of the Working group 1 of the NCEU for the Negotiating Chapter – Free movement of goods was held on Wednesday March 4, 2015 at the premises of the European Movement in Serbia. It was moderated by CEP Director Nebojsa Lazarevic. Beside Mr. Lazarevic, counsellor to the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Dusanka Samardzic also addressed attendants.

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