• How to involve civil society in the policy-making and IPA programming process?

    February 23-24 – The fourth and final in a series of workshops for local civil society organisations (CSOs) on the topic of creating public policies and the way civil society can be involved in this process was held in Kladovo on February 23 and 24. In addition to this primary topic, the workshop covered the topic of involving civil society in the process of IPA programming. The workshop was held within the framework of the Partnership for Public Administration Reform and Public Services in Serbia – PARtnerships project, implemented by the European Movement in Serbia – EMinS and CEP, together with 12 local partners.

    The workshop was moderated by Jelena Miletić from CEP. Miloš Đinđic, Programme Manager for the Good Governance programme area in CEP, brought closer to the participants the cycle of policy-making, as well as the role of CSOs in this process, as well as their role in the process of monitoring public policies. On the second day of the workshop, Ivan Knezević, an expert at the EMinS, talked with participants about the process of IPA programming, sector budget support and the role of the SEKO mechanism. Theoretical sessions were followed by interactive workshops led by Jelena Miletić, with an aim to motivate local CSO representatives to think about the ways to get involved in the policy-making or IPA programming process.

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