• The EU and the Western Balkans

    Towards greater credibility & engagement on both sides

    The recently published EU strategy for the Western Balkans promises to bring a new momentum to the EU membership aspirations of the region. What are its key messages and what novelties does it bring? How is this Strategy interpreted by the civil society and experts both in Brussels and in the Balkans?

    Mr Maciej Popowski, Deputy Director-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (European Commission – DG NEAR), will be our keynote speaker on this subject. Among our panellists as well as representatives of think-tanks and other CSOs from other Western Balkan aspirants. Among the confirmed panelists are prominent diplomatic representatives, the academic community and think tank organizations’ representatives from all the Western Balkan and the European Union countries. Panels with the subject of the EU Strategy for the Western Balkans are organised in partnership with the DG NEAR.

    At this conference (morning panel 13,03, as well as panel 14.03), results of the regional comparative study under the project Benchmarking for EU Reform – How Effective? are presented. The analysis of this project dealt with the effectiveness of the EU’s mechanisms in monitoring the progress made by the Western Balkan aspirants in the area of rule of law. The BENCHER conference panels will include, among the panellists and discussants, prominent academic and think tank representatives from the country and the region. We are especially proud that Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, will take part at the panel 14.03, which is especially dedicated to the issues of the effectiveness of the EU’s approach towards the area of rule of law in Serbia.

    Serbian and English will be the working languages of the panel, with simultaneous translation provided.

    More about this event can be found here and here.

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