• Serbia as a stopover?

    Assessing the strength of Russia’s, China’s, and Turkey’s leverage

    Although at the heart of the Balkans, a region surrounded by EU and NATO members, Serbia has managed to become a place of notable geopolitical competition. In fact, one of the key trends that has accompanied Serbia’s path towards the EU is its increasing cooperation with external actors, which do not prioritise the same principles of governance as the EU. What is more, the COVID-19 outbreak has brought the geopolitical dynamics to a new level, at the expense of the EU’s image in Serbia. Against this backdrop, the idea of this webinar is to take a closer look at policies pursued by China, Russia and Turkey and analyse whether Serbia is just a stopover on their wider agendas.

    In that regard, the panellists will discuss how strong is the political, economic, and social leverage of China, Russia, and Turkey vis-à-vis Serbia, while addressing whether and to what extent is the impact of these countries damaging to Serbia’s EU accession process. Lastly, the panellists will provide their take on whether Serbia’s current course is sustainable, and outline their expectations of the potential direction in which these geopolitical developments could undergo in the future.

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