• Make future together: Young people in the Balkans speak up on digital issues

    In the Make Future Together project, organised by the Think for Europe Network, a number of think tanks from the Balkans carried out online consultations with young people about their views on digital issues. This fast-developing policy field is an area of mutual relevance for the EU and the Balkan region, and one where young people – who have grown up under the influence of such technology and are among its most frequent users – can make a particularly important contribution to the debate.

    On the basis of the consultation exercise, the partners of the Make Future Together project have compiled a ‘Manifesto’ the initiative for which was signed by young people from all over the Western Balkans. This manifesto, which will be presented at the event, indicates their views and expectations of a range of actors, including the EU, and could serve as inspiration for similar debates in the EU member states. What do the Balkan youth consider to be the biggest benefits and drawbacks of the internet and social media? What kind of regulation would they like to see, and which actors should bear responsibility for enforcing it? How can EU policymakers learn from their deliberations, and what does the exercise say about the Balkans’ ability to contribute to the Conference on the Future of Europe?

    Stephanie Borg Psaila
    Director for Digital Policy; Editor, GIP Digital Watch observatory, Diplo Foundation

    Nikola Popovic
    Member of the International Board, European Youth Parliament

    Alberto Rabbachin
    Programme Officer, Media Convergence & Social Media, DG CONNECT
    European Commission

    Paul Butcher
    Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

    Corina Stratulat
    Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (Moderator)

    This event is organised in collaboration with Brussels-based think tank, European Policy Centre – EPC.

    For more information about this project, visit www.mladirini.org 

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