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    Circular Migration in Serbia

    Young people are the future. The year 2022 is the European Year of Youth, an excellent opportunity to remind that future is now, that young people are now. Within the EU4Youth Days conference, the EU Delegation in Serbia, European Policy Centre – CEP, and Foundation for the Advancement of Economics – FREN will organise a panel discussion on circular migrations as a framework of opportunities for young people to make a better life for themselves and their families by pursuing educational aspirations, job prospects, or a desire for personal development.

    Our experts will explain the circular understanding of mobility, present the newest research findings from both Serbian and comparative contexts, discuss potential improvements to the existing legal and service-provision frameworks, and promote relevant initiatives. Most importantly, panel discussion participants will hear about young people’s needs directly from those successfully engaged in circular mobility.


    • Representative, Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia/The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia
    • Martin Klaucke, head of operations, EU Delegation in Serbia
    • Vukan Marković, circular migrant
    • Ana Milinković, junior researcher, European Policy Centre – CEP
    • Ana Aleksić Minić, PhD, professor, Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade
    • Uroš Živković, advisor for cooperation and communications, Circular Migration Program – Returning point

    Moderator: Andrija Mladenović, project manager, European Policy Centre (CEP)

    Please download the agenda here.


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