• Experience Exchange in Opening of Public Sector Data

    In order to raise the capacities of the Republic of Serbia in the field of public sector data opening, on February 28, 2018, the conference “Exchange of experiences in opening of public sector data” will be held. The conference is part of the official Slovenian development assistance project to the Republic of Serbia, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, which is implemented by the Center for European Perspectives of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia with the support of the European Policy Centre – CEP.

    In Europe, there is a growing awareness of the fact that the public sector generates a large amount of data that are not useful only within the state administration system, but bring multiple benefits to the economy, science and society as a whole. Among its key priorities, he European Union has set the goal to increase the exchange of information and knowledge, to open up public data and facilitate cooperation among public bodies while creating and delivering public services. This will make public administration more efficient and offer user-friendly and tailored public services at a lower cost and with less administrative difficulties. The strategy of opening up public administration and its data is related to citizens’ participation in the public processes and decision-

    The purpose of the conference is to enable a comprehensive exchange of experiences and practices, primarily between Slovenia and Serbia, and to obtain new ideas for encouraging an open, transparent and inclusive public administration and for opening public sector data. The conference is part of the Official Development Cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia to the Republic of Serbia in the process of accession to the European Union.

    Here you can download the Agenda and Conference Description.

    More about this event can be found here.

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