• Delivering for people: CEP Programme Director took part in Ankara World Bank conference

    Ankara, June 11-12, 2019 – The World Bank’s Building Effective, Accountable, and Inclusive Institutions” conference was held in Ankara, Turkey on June 11th and 12th, 2019. European Policy Centre (CEP) Programme Director and WeBER Project Manager Milena Lazarević was one of the speakers in the conference’s Drivers and enablers of policy effectiveness”  panel. At the event, she discussed how WeBER is working on developing civil society as a key driver of public administration reform in Western Balkan states on the path to EU integration. Her presentation was followed by a discussion with the audience, very much interested in the WeBER project and its findings.

    This conference brought government officials, international development partners, academics, private sector representatives, and civil society groups together to take stock of reforms to improve governance in Europe and Central Asia and to further facilitate governance reforms in the future. The conference was supported by the UK’s Good Governance Fund, the European Commission, and SIGMA (of the OECD), among others.

    Visit http://www.par-monitor.org/pages/par-monitor-2017-2018 for PAR monitoring reports produced by the WeBER project. These reports provide comparative results for each country in the Western Balkan region based on an in-depth, year-long monitoring effort focused on PAR. A comprehensive Western Balkan PAR Monitor should be read in concurrence with the six national PAR reports, laying out detailed monitoring results from, and recommendations for, each country.

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