• Civil society and the media are ill-informed on economic issues in the EU accession process

    Belgrade, 7 May 2019 – Civil society, the media, the business sector and other citizens of Serbia are not sufficiently informed on economic issues (meaning the economic and financial chapters) in the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU, as well as what it brings to our everyday lives, leaving the process of negotiation unclear for citizens. Active monitoring and participation in economic topics, which account for almost 3/4 of the EU negotiations and directly affect all citizens of Serbia, are important. In addition, unlike in the political chapters of EU accession negotiations, the speed and willingness to carry out reforms, and thus to make progress, in economic chapters is much more in the hands of the candidate country, while the conditions have been created (by the signing of, and the entry into force of the Stabilization and Association Agreement association between the EU and the RS). At the same time, progress in economic areas is what, in addition to the work on rule of law, has the greatest impact on the lives of all citizens.

    In pursuit of the best ways to reach civil society and to strengthen their capacity to protect the interests of citizens, the European Policy Centre – CEP – with the news portal European Western Balkans, organised a workshop in the Human Rights House in Belgrade. The workshop was attended by members of several working groups of the National Convention on the EU that cover economic issues in the accession process. 

    The workshop discussed key communication tools, messages, and channels that should be used in communication, as well as methods of transmitting and content of messages for greater reach to the intended audience, in order to enable the media and civil society to help to make this part of the negotiation process fully open to citizens.

    The comments and conclusions from the workshop on the importance of increased participation of civil society and an informed media in the process of monitoring economic chapters in negotiations with the EU will be incorporated into the Strategy for Awareness Raising. This strategy will be developed in the coming period and will be available online.

    This workshop was organized within the Prepare for Participation project. This project is funded by the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, under the Civil Society Support Program (CSF) aimed at strengthening democracy and the EU integration process through empowering civil society to actively participate in decision-making. The project is implemented by the CEP, NALED, and the European Western Balkans news portal.

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