• CEP started implementing a new project: “Prepare for participation”

    6 March 2019 – A kick-off meeting was held in Belgrade today to begin the implementation of the project Strengthening the capacities of civil society organisations for active participation in EU accession negotiations through certain working groups of the National Convention on the EU. The project coordinator is the European Policy Centre – CEP. The Project will be implemented together with the National Alliance for Local Economic Development – NALED and the Center for Contemporary Policy – CSP (through the portal European Western Balkans as partners on the project).

    The overall objective of the project is to enable different segments of civil society to participate actively in the process of accession negotiations with the EU, in order to fully open this process to the citizens. In addition to increasing the participation of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the process of negotiations with the EU, the Project aims at strengthening the capacities of CSOs to protect the interests of citizens in their projects and initiatives. Accordingly, the project activities will aim to enable the effective involvement of civil society in EU accession negotiations in selected economic chapters through the work of the working groups of the National Convent of the EU (NKEU). With increased knowledge and skills in this area, the civil society in Serbia will be able to continuously protect and represent the interests of citizens in relation to decision-makers.

    The meeting presented the plan and time frame of the implementation of the project, the draft Communication plan and discussed other organizational issues related to the project. The meeting was also attended by Project partners, including the Commission for the Protection of Competition (KPC), the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Telecommunications (MTT).

    This project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia within the Civil Society and Media Support Program aimed at strengthening participatory democracies and EU integration processes through empowering civil society to participate actively in decision making.

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