In the context of EU membership negotiations and integration with the EU administrative space, human capacities of public administrations in the SEE countries have become increasingly important, which first and foremost implies having the delivery capacities, and most importantly the human capital in performing its tasks. This was discussed at the two-day conference Building Human Capacities for EU Accession in the SEE Countries held on 13-16 October in Cavtat, Croatia, which served as a platform for debate and exchange among high-level policy-makers, civil servants, parliamentarians, representatives of training institutes, and other key stakeholders in the process.

European Policy Centre has been engaged within Think for Europe Network (TEN) to produce a short paper on the topic of the conference, which will be published by the first week of November. Nebojša Lazarević, director of CEP, presented main preliminary findings of the research at the conference. He talked about scholarship schemes for civil servants for MA programmes in the area of European affairs as a motivation and retention tool, and mentioned some experiences of several EU member states in designing special programmes for limited groups of civil servants involved in EU accession.

The results of the conference discussion will be used to enrich the findings of the research and integrate them into the mentioned paper. The first part of the paper will provide a useful overview of the place of public administration reform (PAR) in the EU integration process, whereas the second part focuses more on the human resource aspects of PAR in the context of EU accession and is based on a brief research of good regional practices in those areas. The paper thus elaborates a few interesting aspects of human resource development policy within the EU accession process. Those issues include the approach to training for EU accession, scholarships for MA programmes in EU affairs, special EU professionals programmes, etc.

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