• Award competition for journalists on the topic of the European Union

    The Society of Economists of Niš invites all interested journalists working in the media in the Nišava administrative district to write an article, essay, or prepare a TV report/show on the topic of “Economic aspects of Serbia’s accession to the European Union and civil society participation in the accession negotiations”.

    This award competition for journalists is open until July 10.

    As stated in the invitation, the submitted article, essay or article must be related to one of the selected economic negotiating chapters (Chapter 1: free movement of goods, Chapter 8: competition policy, Chapter 20: entrepreneurship and industrial policy, Chapter 28: consumer and health protection, and Chapter 29: customs union) and must be published in a print or electronic media publication.

    “Texts and articles published in the period from 12 February to 10 July 2020 will be accepted for the competition. The length of the texts submitted is not limited. After the selection of the submitted works, the best text will be awarded with a cash prize of €300 in dinars”, said a statement from the Society of Economists of Niš.

    Interested journalists should send their published articles, essays, or articles to the following addresses: dr.boban.stojanovic@gmail.com and info@den.org.rs. Required information for the application includes an article, essay, or attachment with a link to the address where it was published or information about the printed source, a name and surname, a contact phone number, an e-mail address, and the name of the publication in which it was published.

    More information about this project can be found on the website of the Society of Economists of Niš.

    The “Strengthening civil society organisations for active participation in Serbia’s EU accession negotiations in the field of economic policy” project is being implemented by the Society of Economists of Niš in the period from 18 November 2019 to 18 July 2020. The implementation of the project is part of the financial allocation scheme within the “Prepare for Participation – Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organisations to Actively Participate in EU Accession Negotiations through Selected Working Groups of the National Convention on the EU” (Prepare to Participate) project funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia. The Prepare to Participate project is implemented by the European Policy Centre – CEP, as lead partner, with the partner organisations the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) and the Centre for Contemporary Policy (CSP).

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