• New negotiating structure

    The Government of Serbia has passed a Decision that changes the current negotiating structure, in accordance with the revised methodology of EU enlargement.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    Time of Crisis, Time for Think Tanks

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world unprepared, think tanks included. Besides producing evidence-based analyses of the current events, think tanks utilise their expertise and experience to foresee potential challenges that lie ahead. Yet, this crisis has proven that even think tanks, a beacon of forward-looking thinking, have failed to anticipate the outbreak of the pandemic, as well as the immediate magnitude of its consequences.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić

    Accession negotiations according to the revised Methodology of the EU

    The Council of the EU officially endorsed Commission’s proposal for a revised enlargement methodology for the Western Balkans in March 2020. It envisages a thematic division of chapters into six clusters – thematic units. Although the revised methodology was primarily made to apply to accession processes of Albania and North Macedonia, the proposed changes can be accommodated within the existing negotiating framework of Serbia as well.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU

    After Germany, the largest and most influential EU member state, a relatively small country from the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, comes at the helm of the Council of the EU.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić

    Serbia’s harmonisation with EU declarations on China

    It is often said that Sino-Serbian cooperation is only about the economy, yet, this infographic shows that Serbia has utilised its foreign policy as a tool to generate trust with China. Consequently, this is one of the key aspects that is hurting Serbia’s obligations towards the EU.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    China’s Donations to Serbia’s Ministry of Defence

    China’s Belt and Road Initiative goes beyond economics. The infographic presents the security component of Sino-Serbian cooperation. Where does China rank in terms of donations to Serbia’s Ministry of Defence? How did the political betterment of relations lead towards an upward trend in security cooperation?

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    Serbia’s progress and preparation for EU membership

    Analysis of the 2020 European Commission Report for Serbia, which covers the period between April 2019 and September 2020.

    Authors: Sena Marić | Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić

    The German Presidency of the Council of the EU

    The German Presidency of the Council of the EU takes place against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the EU, along with the rest of the world, needs quick and bold action to adapt to the resulting tectonic changes. These circumstances have pushed Germany to lead the Union across the Rubicon in regard to the future of the European project.

    Authors: Sena Marić | Strahinja Subotić | Aleksa Ilić

    Serbia’s COVID-19 Diplomacy and the Outcomes of the Zagreb Summit

    The beginning of this year promised to reset the sluggish dynamics of Serbia’s EU accession path. Following the EU’s endorsement of the revised enlargement methodology, however, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of the relationship between Serbia and the EU to economic recovery and questions of solidarity. Hence, the long-awaited EU-Western Balkans Summit which took place on 6 May 2020 has also adjusted its format and declaration to respond to these unprecedented times.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Aleksa Ilić

    Timeline of foreign assistance for fighting COVID-19

    Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, 16 countries have sent assistance to Serbia. To see a full list of donors and a timeline of their assistance, check out this infographic.

    Authors: Strahinja Subotić | Anesa Omeragić
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