• Consumer Protection in Serbia

    Consumer law in Serbia is the result of the legal reception of European consumer law, which has been implemented in the past ten years as part of Serbia’s legal harmonisation and EU accession processes.

    Authors: Dušan Protić

    Problems and obstacles in access to justice in enforcement procedure from the perspective of consumer protection

    The purpose of this research is to improve the existing state of consumer protection in enforcement procedures and to provide possible models that provide a more active role for consumer organisations in this matter.

    Authors: Dušan Protić

    Slovak Presidency of the EU

    From 1 July to 31 December 2016, Slovakia holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

    Authors: Sena Marić | Katarina Tadić | Dušan Protić

    Competition Policy in Serbia

    The aim of the study is to explore the current state of competition policy in Serbia, identify and consider the key obstacles and shortcomings that hinder the full and adequate implementation of the rules of competition protection, and to make recommendations for improvement of competition policy.

    Authors: Nebojša Lazarević | Dušan Protić
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