Internal Market and Competitiveness

The second programme area focuses on the preconditions for Serbia’s integration into the EU internal market and competitiveness related requirements, with the objective of contributing to the development of a well regulated free market economy in Serbia, marked by a competitive market and highly protected consumers. The Serbian economy still suffers the legacy of the previous system and the centrally planned economy, with an underdeveloped culture of competition and a pervasive public sector which suffocates private initiative and investment. Market distortions are present and often igonred by policy makers, which seriously thwarts Serbia’s efforts to integrate the EU Single Market.

In terms of the EU negotiations chapters this programme area includes: 1-4 – the four freedoms (movement of goods, workers, services and establishment, capital), 5 – internal market related aspects of public procurement, 6 – company law, 7 – intellectual property law, 8 – competition policy, 9 – financial services, 11 – agriculture and rural development, 17 – economic and monetary policy, 28 – consumer and health protection, 29 – customs union and 30 – external relations.

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