• Press conference “Me in the spotlight” was held

    April 20,2017 – Press conference on the occasion of the beginning of the Me in the spotlight campaign was held. At the conference, we presented preliminary findings on citizens’ satisfaction with public services and facilitated a discussion of the findings with representatives of the Ministries of Health and Interior.

    On the basis of investigating the attitude of the citizens satisfaction with administrative services, police, hospitals in primary health care, it can be concluded that the satisfaction of citizens prevail over dissatisfaction. However, citizens believe that some things in current system should be changed. When it comes to the administrative department of the police, poor organization of work is recognized as a major problem, while waiting and ranks are the most common problem in the functioning of health centers.

    The campaign is part of the PARtnership for Good Governance Project, aimed at improving the quality of public services the Government of Serbia, which are delivered with taxpayers’ money.
    The project is implemented by the European Movement  and European Policy Centre – CEP, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in cooperation with 12 other partner organizations from different cities and municipalities in Serbia.


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