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    Sena Marić for newspaper “Danas”

    Sena Marić, CEP Senior Researcher, commented for newspaper Danas that the question what is the main condition for Serbia’s membership in the EU “a million-dollar question, since the Member States do not have a single standpoint – some focuses on normalising relations with Priština, others have priority over the rule of law, while a smaller number of countries are very concerned about our relations with Russia.”

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    Milena Lazarević for B92 television on setting a time frame for EU membership

    26.07.2017. – Would setting a time frame for Serbia’s EU accession represent an incentive for citizens and the country? Our Programme Director, Milena Lazarević, gave her opinion about this subject for B92 television.

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    Milena Lazarević in the RTV programme “On the occasion” about citizen support for EU membership

    26.07.2017. – Our Programme Director, Milena Lazarević, was the guest on the Radio television of the Vojvodina’s (RTV) broadcast On the occasion. She spoke about latest research conducted by the Ministry for European Integration, which showed that 49% of citizens of Serbia support the country’s EU path, which is drastically lower than the survey results of the Medium Gallup Agency conducted two years ago, which showed that support to the EU integration is around 55%. What do these data tell us?

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